Italian Virginal 1

50 keys B-c, 8 ft single register 
transposition, equal, ross
discrete hidden speaker
headphone out
USB powered

An entry level instrument with everything is needed to explore the baroque world..

  1. LOW COST AND CUSTOMIZABLE: Different key (grey/white/balck/brown) body colour (black/red/gold, etc.) and audio samples. 
  2. SMALL AND LIGTHWEIGHT:  Just 3.2 kg in 680x370x72 mm . It can be powered from the USB using an external battery pack or charger for mobile phone!
  3. FUTURE PROOF Features and accessories can be ordered, downloaded or added later. 

Feel the wood the sound comes directly from the wood driven by an exciter just below the panel giving you the sound, the vibrations and the experience of a real instrument. The audio is also available just for yourself through a 3.5mm jack headphone connector (external amplification is also possible).

Feel the string: the mechanics imitates the pluck action with a lightweight click like feedback. The low latency DSP reacts quickly to your touch improving this experience.


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